How to receive new WooCommerce order to Slack

WooCommerce is a great eCommerce solution which can extend your WordPress website to great ecommerce store. You can use many plugins for WooCommerce like: coupons, subscriptions integrations with delivery providers, payment systems and many many more.
WooCommerce has an well documented API which could be used with Konnector.

In this example we will show how to receive notifications about new Order from WooCommerce to Slack using Woocommerce API and Konnector webhook agent.

Create Incoming webhook on Konnector

You should create webhook agent. For this go to Agents => New agent and choose webhook.
There you will see the URL of your webhook. Also you should specify your secret key.

Activate Woocommerce Hooks

To activate web hooks in WooCommerce you should go to your WordPress settings, Woocommerce, Settings, Advanced, webhooks.
Then you should provide credentials to your Konnector account.

Send action to slack

Go to your connector panel and create Slack agent.
You will see the link what you should use to activate webhooks for you slack instance.
After activation you are all set.


As a result with every order update in your WooCommerce site you will see notification from a slack bot in a specific slack channel.
This is just an example what you can do with Konnector.

You can also use Konnector for other notifications:
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