How to get notification about new record in database

In this example we will get Slack message for every new post in WordPress

DigitalOcean is one of the most popular hosting providers. You can create a Droplet (VPS) instance on DigitalOcean and manage it as your own server. DO offers backups and snapshot services which are great, but can’t be used in many cases:
– You can’t automate snapshots creating using DO admin UI;
– Backups are creating once per week and you can’t control the schedule

To solve this problem we are going to use DigitalOcean open API and Konnector automation service.

Step 1: List your snapshots

First, you should create an agent to list your existing images created on DO. To do this, you should login to Konnector, go to Agents => New Agent and Select Json Api Agent.

Step 2: Create a snapshot